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Advantages of Visiting Vatican City.

Vatican tours rated as one of the best tours an individual can enroll, the Vatican city is not only loved for its historic and religious significance but also the stunning beauty and the jazzy Swiss guards that are in the entrances. Vatican newspapers have reported there are many reasons that have resulted to people visiting the city over the last hundreds of years. The Vatican city is identified to be the global heart of the Catholic church, thus for the individuals from the Catholic faith going to Vatican city holds high significance, but even the people from other faiths are also impressed by the city.

St Peters square identified to be one of the major tourist attraction to those who are visiting Vatican City, hence for the visitors this noted to be an honor to visit the City. The square been noted to hosts millions of Christians every year, the square identified to recognized the gathering of Christians thus for all who have been there is holds greater meaning. Studies have revealed, St Peters square and the lower levels of St Peters Basilica are free for entry to all people, this has been made so in order to give the ordinary people an opportunity to learn more of the early church and fell part of it by being given free access.

The pope who is noted to live at the Vatican City is the head of the Catholic church, he conducts services on Sunday and what a great way to ensure the Vatican tour by having the pope blessings on a Sunday service, this noted to hold special meaning to many people who attend the popes mass. The Vatican city is identified to be one of the smallest independent states with about 800 people within the 44 hectares it occupies, this has been interesting to many historians who love to study the City’s dynamics. Moreover, the Vatican City is noted to have the smallest and also oldest standing army Swiss Guards who have for centuries been protecting the pope.

St Peter to the Roman church holds a high significance, he is considered to be the head of the church and with the church built on top of his tomb means a great deal to the people who visit the St Peters Basilica. In order to give an explicit view of the Roman lifestyle, there are museums that have been put up and they give account to the Roman Lifestyle and how they impacted the early church. In summary, the museums can freely be accessed by everyone on the Sunday of the last month.

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